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Persian Cattery in Georgia

Hello, and welcome to
Glamoure Persians,
home of the Magical Persian beauties.

We are a smaller loving, christian cattery, located in Hartwell Georgia.
We specialize in the Elegant silver, golden, blue golden and blue silver persians. We always strive to produce only the most amazing, gorgeous and most importantly the healthiest babies here. Babies bred here are all from top quality best of the best healthily bred parents. Our bloodlines consists of champions, grand champions, and regional winners, as well as also some dear heart throughout some of our lines.


We are also an All negative Dna Negative tested and Certified cattery, and have and maintain very healthy strong lines. We also specialize in the smaller sized silver breed. We also offer and produce here both gorgeous looks the lovely dollfaced look and also more extreme show quality look in some of our babies here for those who prefer that gorgeous look. Our babies receive the upmost love and tender care from day one. Our parents and babies here are only given the most royal treatment and are our family. Not only receiving the best highest quality nutritional food, spring water, treatment, and wellness care, as well as attentive grooming care we give our royal kitties and babies here each and every day. We also spend very close one on one quality time with our precious babies, they are held and loved extensively on a daily basis, nurturing and ensuring socialization and exceptional adaption skills, to be truly prepare them also for each loving home and family no less then 12 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age if needed, when we feel each one is ready to go to their new special home. Their personalities and temperaments are spectacular, and can be described as charming, intelligent, loving, affectionate, loyal, fun loving, laid back, and playful. Our babies are excellent with children and well suited for loving family environments to become part of the family. They are True Treasures indeed, loyal to the end, like no other Companion ever known to you before, if you have ever owned one of these Angelic, Magical Beauties, then you already know how truly Special and Unique they really are.


Our persians are only placed in loving, Cage-free homes, in Proper Environments, where they can be provided with Royal care, with Loving families who adore them. Thank you and please come back and visit us again to see more updates on our Gorgeous, Angelic available persian babies.

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